Monday, February 01, 2010

Bath in a Bucket

So much for the new gas hot water heater that was supposed to come Saturday (re: previous post). A birdbath in the sink was not going to get it today. Landlord promises tomorrow but we'll see.

Mari used to use a large tub like the foto for pre-soaking clothes and bathing the little kids. I bought one because I didn't have a bathtub on the beach and I like to sit. Now I have a real tub but no hot water.

Maria (she cleans my house on Saturdays) told me their hot-water heater no longer works and they heat water in large pots (olla) for bathing - so that's what I did. I told her they only cost $2000 pesos but who knows how long they have been doing that. Another reason Mexicans may be on Mexican Time.


Steve Cotton said...

Wow. This brings back a memory. My hot water heater in Greece was about 2 liter size. If I wanted a bath, I needed to warm water in small pots on my 2-burner propane stove. Greece time. Mexican time. Must be the same watch.

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