Thursday, November 12, 2009

You won't see one of these in Seattle

Seen a few before but don't think so large or so badly hidden. For some reason the cats weren't interested or thought it was an inanimate object.

He's looking right at me but all I can imagine is those multi-focal eyes insects are famous for. I wonder how that works

Praying Mantis in my yard


- Mexican Trailrunner said...

Cool! Looks like the guy I sent over to your house, he landed on my couch.

Nancy said...

Very cool! But do they eat up your landscaping?

el jubilado said...

I think they eat other bugs but am unsure now. Have to go Googling

Thats the only one I've seen so the garden is probably safe

Howard said...

My experience with my cat is that if something stays very still she may not notice it. Not 100% reliable, but fairly close. If it has a strong scent then even staying still will not save it. She can be very hard on other life forms, especially geckos!

el jubilado said...

No geckos around Lake Chapala ... or at least I've not seen them. But lots of lizards and sorry to say the cats kill many

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