Monday, November 02, 2009

Día de los Inocentes

November 1st is not only called the Día de los Inocentes but also the Día de los Angelitos (All Saints Day) and the Día para Lipiar. November 1st is the day before Día de los Muertos and the streets are filled with flowers (real and plastic), wreaths, toys and food. November 1st is for remembrance of deceased infants and children but also a day to clean grave sites and buy the appropriate gifts for your loved ones that have passed on.

In Melaque all the highschool kids filled the plaza with imitation grave site adornments - almost like a competition Melaque Day or the Dead displays so I thought they might do the same here. The Casa de Cultura in Jocotepec usually does have these displays but not this year ??

So Marilyn and I walked up to the Panteon (cemetery) yesterday to look around and it was mostly people cleaning and placing flowers. Amazed at the amounts of money spent and not spent on the grave sites. There might be a mound of dirt with a cross right next to a marble edificio.

Police and medics were there because they found a large bees nest in one of the grave sites. They would leave it closed till tomorrow when the people are gone.

Day of the Dead flowers Day of the Dead flowers

Jocotepec Panteon Jocotepec Panteon

Jocotepec Panteon Jocotepec Panteon

Jocotepec Panteon Jocotepec Panteon


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