Thursday, September 24, 2009

Make your own hummus

I love this stuff but my problem is I always make too much. It usually goes bad in less than a week. Unless you have other people over (that may like it), keep the number of beans to a minimum.

So unlike the video, I cook the dry garbanzo beans for about an hour and put them in a blender. Add garlic, olive oil, lime juice and a touch of salt. Sesame seeds are a good idea but Tahini is expensive anywhere and probably not easy to find in Mexico

Back for thirds ....


Leah Flinn said...

Thanks for the hummus recipe, that was one of my favorite things to eat back in the states. Now I just wonder if I will be able to find pita bread anywhere here.

jennifer rose said...

Tahini can be found at Soriana and health food stores. It's not *that* rare.

Hummus can easily be frozen, as can cooked garbanzos.

marthabob2u said...

Hi Scott, Good hummus!

Sorry to see that you have moved- will you still drop by?

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