Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mexican Threadless Insulators

I got an email from Colin Jung related to my post on glass bottle insulation of rebar. I assume he thought I migh know something about these supposedly Mexican insulators in the foto below. He also sent a link with further info on what people thought these things are. I've never seen these in Mexico that I remember. Maybe they are regional. They look like old power line insulators to me.

Mexican Threadless Insulators, a.k.a. Fence Post Insulators

This is in reference to excellent ICON Post. Information about Mexican fence post (fencepost?) insulators:

Re: Verdict please? Colin Jung, Sunnyvale, CA Regarding the so-call Mexican threadless insulators that have been floating around the hobby and were originally sold by Jack Risselman (aka Katfish on eBay), I got obsessed several years ago trying to uncover the origins and use of these glass items. Fortunately, I am over it now, but will share what I learned. Sorry I don't have a photo of one nor can I find a photo of one on the ICON photo gallery. Is that possible? These "Mexican threadless insulators" are identified by the NIA as questionable items.

I spoke to Dale Huber who has hunted for insulators in Mexico for decades. He has never seen one in service nor has he found any in the wild.

Thinking they may be identified as a decorative/ornamental fence post cap/cover, I have done some extensive googling and have been unable to find any merchants (mexican or otherwise) that sells them.

I have searched through an unknown number of on-line Mexican vacation photos without finding any photos showing them in use on fences.

I have contacted major fencing material suppliers in the southwestern U.S. and the sales reps just scratch their heads when I ask them about these glass items.

Only Jack knows the real, full story..... but he has already told us what they are, even though any outside or independent documentation is sorely lacking.

Colin Jung

A link to the foto and other peoples opinions


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