Saturday, May 16, 2009

Curiosity almost killed the cat

Over two days missing and I had given up. Tomas, the last of the crew, wouldn't leave me alone assuming he was missing his companion of 3 years. Had another cat die about 6 months ago and I was sure there was someone in the neighborhood that didn't like cats or my cats.

Talking to the boys on the beach yesterday and remembering I had given Molly (the missing) worm pills just days before she disappeared .... they warned me about the vet I used and convinced me I might have given her dog pills because the vet is irresponsible.

So what do I hear this morning but a meowing from over my garden wall. Taking a peek I see Molly in the window of the house next door behind screens. Nobody is living there now and I think someone checks on the house about once a week. She must have snuck in and didn't get out in time.

Sorry neighbors but I had to cut a little screen on the back window to let her out. Will replace it if and when I see the owners. Tomas is now off my back since I'm not his only company.


Steve Cotton said...

Or maybe he knew the situation and forgot how to say "Timmy is in the well" in Spanish. Good news, Sparks. Even Jiggs likes a cat story that ends happily.

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