Saturday, March 28, 2009

Costalegre Tsunami warning sirens - but in time?

From Scott Morrison (I haven't seen these yet)

Couple of shots of our new 'tsunami' warning sirens. This collection of eight monster electronic sirens are sitting in front of a house in the 'Primavera' subdivision (the river flats). They are part of the Pacific Rim tsunami warning system, and are just waiting installation. Their control systems are to be based out at the 'Civil Defense' building on hwy 80. They are to be erected around the area and sit on 12 meter high towers.

Now there is a group or individual who is making predictions of an earthquake in May 2009 that will be stronger than the 1985 quake that did so much damage to Mexico City. We know Mexico City is inland but the quakes are all centered off the west coast.

Terremoto = Earthquake
Maremoto = Tsunami


Calypso said...

Some serious sirens my friend - being within earshot will be good - but getting shot in the ear with those things could definitely be hazardous.

el jubilado said...

I certainly hope the placement is well considered. I would prefer to only hear them and not feel them

Chrissy and Keith said...

it's about time Mexico got on board with a warning system. I was in a good shaker in Manzanillo about 10 years ago. I had to call my mom back inthe states to check the USGS Website and tell me the epicenter. Fortunatly it was inland 5 miles north of Manzanilla. It was 4 hours later that the News finally reported it and got it wrong. We sold our beach front property in Zihuatanejo and I am no longer interested in land on the beach. Being from Alaska, I am a bit paranoid on the tsunami thing.

Rafael said...

As I write this Puerto Vallarta is testing a massively loud tsunami warning system put together by the Jalisco state government, in Spanish and English.

I'm in the old town area, and can't figure out where the system is located but it is LOUD, like a distorted voice of god from the sky. :)

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