Monday, May 14, 2007

Yakult for your Acidophilus fix

So this is our newest thing. They are sold in every store I've been into. A good way to get your acidophilus fix and keep the flora in your intestines balanced. It's not easy to find yogurt or even milk with acidophilus in Mexico - and we don't drink much milk. A good option for those who are lactose intolerant. The little jars cost from 40 to 60 pesos.

Why drink Yakult?

As part of your lifestyle to maintain a healthy digestive system. That’s why. A healthy digestive system is important for your, well… health. Unfortunately, various aspects of everyday life can upset the health of our gut. Common culprits include inactivity, antibiotics, stress, excess alcohol, a poor diet, smoking, overseas travel and lack of sleep.

One key to keeping your digestive system happy despite these inevitable hitches is to maintain a healthy balance of gut bacteria. Your intestines contain trillions of bacteria – more bacteria, in fact, than there are humans on this planet! There are good bacteria and there are bad bacteria, and the two constantly compete for space in the intestines. The key is to help the good bacteria keep the upper hand, thus crowding out the bad guys.

That’s where Yakult comes in. It is a probiotic. It tops up the good bacteria that occur naturally in your system. And it helps keep the bad ones at bay. And by maintaining the healthy balance of the gut flora, Yakult enables your body to maximise its own natural defenses. All from one small bottle a day

Yakult Mexico

Yakult UK


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