Friday, May 04, 2007

Esperanza and her Blog - Mexico Cooks

A very interesting person that knows Mexico inside and out. Check the link at the bottom for her cooking Blog

Twenty-six years of life in Mexico give me an extraordinary perspective on life, cultures, and cuisines in this complex and glorious country.

I speak native-level Spanish and am a Mexican citizen. Mexican history, native and mestizo cultures, and Mexican esoterica are my passions. Want to know about a custom or a tradition or a festival? Just ask me!

I've eaten in 28 of Mexico's 31 states (plus the Distrito Federal--Mexico City) and continue to be a serious student of Mexico's cuisines. Need to know about a particular herb or regional dish or seasonal meal? Let me know.

I offer specialty guided tours in Mexico, including hands-on culinary adventure tours, extraordinary tours to the homes of artists and artisans, and off-the-tourist-track adventures in the city of Guadalajara and the state of Michoacán. By all means contact me when you're ready for a Mexico you scarcely knew existed.

As you read Mexico Cooks!, you'll discover your own passions about Mexico.

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Mexico Cooks


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