Monday, February 22, 2016

Flour Mites

Might that be a mite?  Sure turned out to be. I had them in a nearly new bag of flour six months ago so this time I put the flour in sealable plastic containers. Didn't do any good so I just threw out two bags. I wanted to know how they showed up and from a lot of reading I find they are in the flour when you buy it. I guess that means use it fast but I haven't tried baking for a few months. Another article suggests freezing it for a few days after you buy it. Just went through my rice, beans, seeds and nuts but they look to be ok.

How Did They Get Into My Kitchen?
Both flour mites and weevils will have come into your kitchen through your flour or wheat products. A few bugs can lay many eggs, and if your products are being stored for a long time, these eggs can hatch and cause an infestation. Other factors, such as heat, can increase the reproduction rate of the pests, making the problem much worse.

To prevent the problem reoccurring, store your products in clean airtight containers. You can even try some simple home remedies such as freezing the produce for a few days to kill any bugs present and prevent the eggs from hatching or adding a few bay leaves into your wheat products, which will act as a deterrent for the pests.


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