Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Recycle Bottle Chair project

Yari's school project was to build something out of recycled material and she thought of a chair made of bottles. After considering silicon or a hot glue gun to hold it together she decided on clear packing tape. The upholstery of old catalogs was an afterthought because bottles alone are not very attractive.

It's a little hard to tell the size but it's perfect for her five year old sister. It's sturdy enough that an adult size could be done. Needless to say she got a good grade and got lots of good feedback from her friends.. 

Lorena wanted to get a good luck herradura (horseshoe) to put over their doorway and we found them at the large animal Vet on the highway. Trouble was he was selling new ones in sets of 4. Only 100 pesos for 4 but we didn't need that many and NEW lacked something. When we told him what we wanted them for he brought out some used ones for 20 pesos each. I put mine up in the palapa before reading about how to hang them but with opinions about both directions I'll leave it the way it is for now..

Yes luck will fall out - but onto those who pass under


Steve Cotton said...

I almost started writing about the horseshoe position when I saw your witty retort. I like it.

I now know why you were looking for packing tape. It is quite a chair.

sparks said...

I only remembered that a horseshoe is good luck from farms we spent time on many years ago. Never heard the etiquette of how to use them. Wikipedia does list both directions as options

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