Saturday, December 27, 2014

Counterfeit $100 US here in Melaque

A taxi driver took it but banks wouldn't. He might have even given some change from it. Good quality but looked like it had gone through the wash 20 times. Frayed around the edges. My neighbor bought it for 100 pesos with hopes I could help. All I could do is send it to Seattle to have it checked out. Sent registered mail on the 9th of November and it just arrived on the 24th of December. Sister took it to a bank and sure enough it was fake. I thought Mexican mail was slow but it took 15 days to get from LAX to Seattle.


Steve Cotton said...

Thanks for keeping us updated. I am always interested in seeing how the postal service is working. Over the past two months, my letters that once took ten days to get from Nevada to Mexico are taking 7 weeks. Same thing in the other direction. But I am sorry that your neighbors did not benefit from their windfall.

sparks said...

The same taxi driver sold a lot here to a guy from California for a big roll of $100's. No problems there. I never think about fake but don't have a need for US bills. Most businesses check closely 500 peso notes

sparks said...

Registered cost 40 pesos rather than 11 but the tracking worked in both countries. But with that speed I was sure it was lost or stolen a couple times.

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