Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Dog days of summer

When you stop by a neighbor to see their six new puppies think about it when they ask you which one would  you choose. I was advised they needed to be with mom until about a month and a half old but the neighbor kids took/stole a few and the owner was worried they would all disappear. 

Sitting at my computer three days ago, 4 year old Nahima walks in with this puppy in her arms. After agreeing how cute she was Nahima told me it's my new puppy. "That's the one you chose when we looked at them". 

Oh boy, now what .... so we stopped by Beto the vet to see how old and what to eat and drink She is only 4 weeks and no milk because it will giver her diarrhea. I bought an especially nutritious dry food for young dogs to the tune of 160 pesos a kilo.  So it's kibbles and water. Now she sleeps and wanders the yard, molests the big dog Coyota and cries when she can't get up the patio steps. Seems to be doing well.

Chata in her bed (Chata means flat face)

Puppies with mom a few weeks ago

Very, very cool and wet weather


norm said...

Rare hamburg, a little rice, works well for very old and very young dogs.

sparks said...

Thanks Norm ..... will give it a try if I can keep it away from the big dog and cat

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