Sunday, August 25, 2013

What ever happened to the Multiplication Table

Has the US become as calculator dependent as Mexico?   I know I memorized  the Multiplication Table before computers and calculators but it seems such a basic part of math why would it be forgotten.   This came up helping Euriel with his math homework and both he and his mom wanted to use the calculator for some simple addition and multiplication.   Both amazed I could do it in my head.

The stuff he's working on now is addition and multiplication of positive and negative numbers and mixed numbers (fractions).   He's just not getting the Minus part of it or the rule for even and odd number of minuses when multiplying. Then I have to run to the computer to find that even and odd are pare y impare in Spanish.

I'm disappointed that mom and I did more of his homework than he did and this is not going to help at all when he has an in-class test.   I've pretty much decided not to be doing his homework but only telling him the rules and giving him exercises.   This morning I found a printable Multiplication Table and a site where you can make up math exercises .... with and without an answer page in various languages.

Dynamically Created Math Worksheets


Felipe Zapata said...

Soon no one will multiply in their heads. No need.

And the world changes ...

sparks said...

Maybe also an indication that using your head for anything is unnecessary

Barbara said...

I think multiplication and penmanship disappeared at about the same time - about 20 years ago!

sparks said...

20 years ago I was still old so have no idea.

I print everything .... less artistic but utilitarian

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