Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cattle drive

Yes we live in the country and are used to seeing these guys grazing in the fields as we pass daily.   It's only rarely that we run into them on the road headed back to where ever they spend the night.   This was yesterday evening on the way to pick up Euriel at school in town.   I started to squeeze past when we first came up on them but thought better of it after getting a good look at those horns on something half as large as my car.   A quarter mile further they turned right.

Also a glimpse at they rain we've been having from hurricane Cosme.   Lots of rain this morning so we're checking to see if school is canceled.


Steve Cotton said...

I saw a herd being driven up the river bed last night just before the downpour. I hoped they moved out of there fast.

Barbara said...

I LOVE when I meet the cattle drive, almost daily, when I stay back in Calechosa in January. It's the highlight of my trip each year. IF I wait til after 10AM they are already moved. What a wonderful sight!

sparks said...

Spring time (kinda) must be baby hatching time as there are new calves, colts and burros everywhere

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