Sunday, March 31, 2013

Another Semana Santa

I'm using an older foto for this because I'm staying away from the beach this weekend.   It's nice to watch all the fun being had but very crowded.   Ron and Bill are back up into the highlands and not sure if neighbors have anything planned.  I'm also waiting for Monday or Tuesday for a mechanic to check my noisy brakes.  Yesterday the horn that hasn't worked since the Jova flood went off twice by itself so the battery is disconnected.   I couldn't find the actual horns to pull a wire or two.   So happy Easter to all and I'll just be working around the house.

Melaque West beach crowds


Steve Cotton said...

Do you need a ride anywhere? I am at your service.

sparks said...

No thanks Steve. If this was a school week I could put you to work. The only question is ... are the mechanics open tomorow. Thanks for the offer

barbara eckrote said...

Wow - it looks like our jardin here. Chock-a-block with people. I'll be so happy when we have the town back and can get through the streets.......Even the taxi drivers are complaining!

sparks said...

A lot less in town today and everrything was open

sparks said...

Mechanic was swamped but 3 hours later it was just brake adjustment and cleaning. We disconnected the horns. Total cost - $120 pesos

Steve Cotton said...

My wallet loves living here.

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