Friday, October 19, 2012

It's Chili season again

The area is full of migrant workers that are here to plant this season's crop. They plowed the field below for 3 weeks before creating the planting rows. A machine lays out the plastic and tucks both sides into the dirt. The last crop for that field was corn but it has also produced watermelon and papaya.  The mango season is all but over and while some mango work goes to migrants, most of it is done by locals.

The growing season lasts for about three months so I'm not sure what the workers will do in the meantime unless it's weeding.   The plants can be picked multiple times before completely mature.  At the end of the season when the chilies start turning red they are used for Chipotle (smoked Jalapeno).   Jalapenos get there name from Xalapa (Jalapa) in Veracruz.

This one just planted

Planted by hand

Workers planting in another field


Steve Cotton said...

I rode by there yesterday with Ray on an ATV tour. But I didn't get any photographs due to the logistics.

sparks said...

That should be a pretty good ride now that they've fixed the road a bit. I've driven all the way to the new highway but wouldn't want to meet another vehicle in that "canyon"

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