Friday, September 28, 2012

RepubliCons are destroying peoples constitutional rights to vote

Sarah Silverman | Election 2012 - Voter Fraud

RepubliCons are destroying peoples constitutional rights to vote in some states. They pulled this crap on my elderly mother a week ago in Michigan. I bought the wrath of God down on her city clerk (state bureau of elections), he still can't sit down.


Felipe Zapata said...

The video is silly nonsense. Most nations in the world, probably the overwhelming majority, require proof of citizenship and/or a photo ID to vote.

In Mexico, full of "poor" people, everybody manages to get the required photo ID if they want to vote. And they don't whine about how "unfair" it is.

Instead of doing whatever you did at the clerk's office, it would have been better to take your mother to get ... a photo ID!

sparks said...

Of course it is silly ... but funny silly. It also fits in with some of the other voter mischief the Republicans seem to be into around the country

Kim G said...

Fortunately the courts are striking down most of this nonsense. And most of these laws also overlook the fact that voting precincts are so small that people usually all know each other anyway.

Looks like Romney is increasingly unlikely to win, despite the Republican shenanigans.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where anyone who's registered can go vote.

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