Thursday, August 16, 2012

Naches Loop Trail

The last few times I've visited family in Seattle we've gone on hikes in the Cascades. It's not something to keep me occupied because they do this a couple times a year. Last week they did an 11 mile hike into Lake Valhalla on Stevens Pass and I told them about a 2-3 mile route to Valhalla with another lake included and very little elevation. Yesterday we did the Naches Loop Trail on Chinook Pass.

The Naches Loop Trail starts very near the pass summit, is about three miles long (2+ hours) with about 700 feet elevation. We talked to two hikers that said two weeks earlier there was too much snow and they turned back. We did run into some snow on the shady side but the western side looked to be dry for quite awhile. They suggest going from east to west (clockwise) so you'll be facing Mt Rainier on the return.

High mountain lakes (5-6 of them), lots of wild flowers, little water falls and the great views of Mt Rainier are the attraction. The distractions are the mosquitoes so bring your repellant. On top and the west side they are not so bad due to wind. Anyway here's some fotos of the hike with my new camera.

Area map

Trail head

Trail and a little snow

Wild flowers

One of the lakes

Mt Rainier


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Great photos

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