Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Flowering Neem

Yesterday I thought I was smelling the Gardenia while watering the garden but it was 15 feet away and I was next to my largest Neem tree. Today the Neem blossoms really came out and gave them a good sniff. No doubt why the Neem is also called the Indian Lilac. Not real strong because the flowers are tiny but I hear in India where there are many trees the aroma is distinct at the beginning of summer. Another sure sign summer is here in Mexico.

Neem is not supposed to flower or fruit until 2-3 years old so it means this one sat in it's bucket before I planted it about a year and a half ago. Very interesting tree and I'll let you look it up. Will be interesting to watch how long the flowering goes on and how large the seeds become. Found two interesting videos below - an animation on 'natural insecticide' and one of my old favorites - CBC -The Nature of Things with David Suzuki

My Neem flowers

How to create a natural insecticide from Neem seeds (in English)

Miracle tree NEEM


Anonymous said...

Really interesting! Thanks, Sparks.
Playa Las Tortugas, Nayarit

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