Saturday, April 14, 2012

Coconut husk processing

My Canadian neighbors found a coconut shell processing plant on the way to Cihuatlan so I gave them a try the other day. What they do is spin the dry husks in a large wire drum and separate the stringy part from what becomes powder. You can see the baled stringy part below but what it's used for I don't know. The powder they bundle and sell locally for garden mulch. For some reason they didn't want me taking pictures so this is the only one I have. Very dirty - dusty work for the guys feeding the cocos into the machine.

A very heavy bale of mulch was $150 pesos

Just learned that the fiber is called Coir

Coco coir and coco peat is one of the promising coco-based products with a huge market potential due to its wide array of uses and its eco-friendly qualities. PKC Fibre Industry

And Wikipedia for it's many uses


Teresa Menendez said...

where is this exactly? I've been assigned to find a coconut processing plant for a friend of mine. Thanks.

sparks said...

At the second bend in the highway leaving Cihuatlan toward the hills. I'm not sure how seasonal their work is but I've seen no peat or much activity there lately

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