Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pool pump loses prime

I'm house sitting for awhile and altho I have a "pool guy" I still have to stay on top of what's up. We've got the cleanup an PH under control but this pump seems to lose prime every day. I have to pour about 4 pitchers of water in it before it gets going.  I did grease the O-ring on the pump basket for a better seal.   Reading about air in the system an "air relief valve" is mentioned but I don't find one.

I'm thinking of taking it off automatic for fear of ruining the pump and only running it when I'm here.   It's either that or drain the pool so it's no longer my responsibility.

It's an above ground pump and 'pool guy' says better if it's at pool water level .... but many pumps around here are above ground.

Another possibly related issue is the pool looses about 2" of water each day. I'm going to turn off the pump and filter tomorrow and see if it's loosing water just sitting or is it only during circulation.


Calypso said...

Sparks see if there is a check valve (keeps water from draining back) - maybe it is leaky or non-existent.

el jubilado said...

Yep ... it has a KBI swing check valve 1 1/2". No idea how to check it. It's glued in and extraction or replacement will take some major revamp. No extra PVC to add pieces anywhere in the system

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