Friday, February 11, 2011

Basic housing in Mexico

I drove out to the dam on the Marabasco river behind Cihuatlan the other day as some friends were spending the afternoon cooling off in the river on someones birthday. Turns out they were there but on the other side of the river and I didn't feel like a crossing the "spillway" adventure so I missed them.

The dam creates irrigation ditches on either side of the valley, one for Colima and one for Jalisco. Along the canals well past Cihuatlan are a number of very basic housing situations that grabbed my attention on the way back. Some of the most basic housing I have seen in Mexico.

They have a bridge over to the road


Meet the Family said...

Very basic indeed! I remember passing similar housing situation on our drive to Mayto, sough of Puerto Vallarta.

sparks_mex said...

These people were totally wiped out in hurricane Jova because they were on the edge of the river

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