Saturday, January 16, 2010

Retire Mexico on $150 a month

Retire Mexico on $150 a month - found in a 1958 copy of Desert Magazine

CASE HISTORY No. 1. Bob Thayer, whose address is simply, Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Jal., Mexico, has an absolute "natural" when it comes to excellent income with little expenditure of time or effort. Possibly you have seen his ads which he runs in the American magazines. These will differ slightly according to the magazine but here is a typical one:


or less in a resort area, 365 days of sun a year; dry temperature. 68-80 degrees. Or maintain lux. villa; servants; ALL expenses $200-250 a mo. Am.-Eng. colony on lake 60 mi. long. 30 min. to city of 1/2 million, medical center. Schools, arts, sports. Few hours by air. Train, bus; PAVED roads all the way. Full time servants, maids, cooks, $7 to $15 a mo., filet mignon .45 lb., coffee .40, gas .17 gal. Gin, rum, brandy, .75-.90 fth. whiskey $2.50 qt. Houses $10 mo. up. No fog, smog, confusion, jitters. Serene living among world's most considerate people. For EXACTLY how Americans are living on $50-$90-$150-$250 a mo. Airmail $2.00 for COMPLETE current information, photos, prices, roads, hotels, hunting, fishing, vacationing and living conditions from A. viewpoint. (Pers. Chk. OK) to Bob Thayer, Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Jal. Mexico. (Allow 2 weeks for delivery—Money back Guarantee.)


Leslie Limon said...

The address or lack of an address is not surprising to me. When I was younger, my grandmother would mail letters or Christmas cards to Mexico and would address it as:
Juan Garcia
Domicilio Conocido
San Luis, Sonora, Mexico.

I always thought it was strange and figured that the cards and letters never made it to Mexico. But when visiting that particular relative, she pulled out all of the Christmas cards my grandmother had sent her.

el jubilado said...

Don't know what the postal system was like back then ... but sounds like a 'general delivery'

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