Friday, July 31, 2009

Dolores Hidalgo

Dolores Hidalgo and Santuario Atotonilco, Guanajuato - Mexico

Dolores Hidalgo is the birth place of the Mexican revolution, Talavera pottery and crazy ice cream. Atotonilco was the second town in Miguel Hidalgo's march toward independence

We drove out the back way from San Miguel near San Miguel Viejo not quite sure how to find Atotonilco. It turns out it's right off the Dolores Hidalgo highway but made a nice country drive. It was here, in 1810, that Miguel Hidalgo took an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe as the banner of his movement.

On to Dolores Hidalgo and we were surprised to find not many Talavera shops in the center of town. Many have moved out to the highway where the rent is cheaper. We did find that one nice shop about 5-6 blocks from the plaza. The museum of Independence and the casa of Miguel Hidalgo are not much to see but are close and inexpensive.

Had to eat and found the best place I'm sure - Cocina Charly right at the entrance to the mercado. Very cheap and lots of fresh food. Of course we had to try some of the strange ice cream flavors ... but not the real strange stuff.

Local chapel outside Atotonilco

Dolores Hidalgo church on the plaza

Talavera shop

More fotos of the Dolores Hidalgo trip


Steve Cotton said...

So, what flavors of ice cream did you try? I still have not eaten one bite of ice cream since I arrived three months ago.

el jubilado said...

Only tequila, coffee and something like oatmeal

Avocado, shrimp, etc ... didn't do it for me

Dan said...

Avocado or shrimp ice cream? Not sure if it would do it for me either

-- Dan
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