Saturday, June 28, 2008

Am I ever going to ground my circuits

I have to make this a project soon. Not only it's tiring but also expensive to keep getting my electronics repaired - if they can be. 3 weeks ago I lost my computer power supply and my wireless router. That was caused by the first rain of the year causing shorts in the towns (Melaque) electrical system.

A few days ago I lost my TV and DVD player due to nearby lightning strikes. They are in the repair shop right now.

I will drive a rod into the ground and run a ground wire to it from the panel but also from the outlets that have electronics - because there are only 2 wires in the house.

I promise


Calypso said...

Sparks - Grounding is tricky buisness and only part of a safe equation in Mexico - but don't let that stop you from getting that third wire going.

Peace -

sparks_mex said...

Hey John ...

I assume you mean additional things like surge supressors and UPS with isolation. I have all those but without ground ... there's nowhere to go

Mike Fredrickson said...

Great idea Sparks - We have Casa Amatista (esquina Abel Salgado e Esmeralda). I think I'll phone Arturo and get him to unplug EVERYTHING til we get there in Oct.

Must meet you this winter.


sparks_mex said...

Good idea Mike ... if not too late. The strike that got my TV was halfway between your house and mine

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