Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Applying for an FM3 in Manzanillo

It's been awhile since I've posted here but I thought applying for my FM3 was worthy. I've been updating and creating Blogs from other parts of Mexico I've been. You can read those on the sidebar to the right.

Anyway ... we went to Manzanillo last week with almost everything we needed. The one exception was the "real" copy of a bank statement. So here is what we needed. Nothing translated or notarized

1. Proof of income - a 3 month print out plus an original statement (something over $1200 per month)
2. Proof of residency - My landlord went to the local Municipio (city government) with my passport and for 30 pesos I got a letter on City stationary. Utility bills would also work.
3. Copies of every page of my Passport - plus the Passport
4. My Tourist Visa
5. 7 pictures to meet their specs

Cost was about 1400 pesos and 120 for the pictures. First years application costs more ... but unsure how much. They told us we could pick them up the first of March - about 3 weeks precessing.


Picked up the FM3 on the 8th. I still only had a downloaded PDF statement from my bank - no originals. The clerk was still not happy with it but got permission from her boss to accept it. I promised to bring a check book, real bank statement and a letter from my bank - or some combination of the above.

Did you know an FM3 comes in a book similar to a passport - it's green.
The construction of the house finished in April 2011 and I'm pretty much settled in. As of March 2014 I'm in preparation for rain mode for this coming summer. That includes sealing and painting things and dealing with drainage issues from last year.

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