Sunday, December 05, 2004

Mikes' impervious post on Baja board

Great starting philosophy for my new adventure
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While we are traveling through an environment, anywhere in our world, and are not familiar with the surroundings, we are more vulnerable. When we exist in a static environment we grow to know the context in which we live. The local folks and their individual natures.

So, will we not go to the places in our world we are intimidated by? Some might not. But my choice is to face a reasonable danger, as supported by others, and learn something new, expand our lives. Grow the Earth with our new experiences. Cause us to evolve.

Anytime we walk out the door we face unpredictability. Every time we cross a border, a "frontier" in the Spanish language, we face change.

I've wondered through some pretty skunks places on our Earth, mostly as a young man, for good and questionable purposes, and have never been threatened. But I don't feel superior to a general populace and I don't have the bucks to drive a high-priced vehicle there and flaunt my non-existent wealth. I wear jeans and drive a Poor Old Truck (oh! Yeah: and I drink boxed wine of the highest quality - $6/5 liters).

I think you and your friends will find Baja California a pleasant place, a place that dreams are made of. Just read some of the wistful threads here and then experience Baja on your own.

As friends have already told you, protect your stuff in the border towns. That doesn't mean the border towns are bad, it just means there is a more dynamic work force and theft is more likely. Then imagine yourself in a tiny fishing village with a static population, one where everyone knows everyone else and their family and which would protect the basic values, even when you are new to them, of their village and you along with it because you are in their charge, and it's not intended for the five-O'clock News, but because it the right thing to do in their estimation. And their estimation doesen't need to be rewarded by the opinions of others, because they know they're right! That is the essence of Baja California.

That's the way many people think away from all the changing of the guard that happens in the larger cities anywhere on Earth.

I suggest that you and your timid friend "tackle" Baja. She'll bring you to your knees. And rightfully.

You will experience life in Baja's deserts and seashores and you will also discover how you fit into the real world.


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