Monday, May 04, 2009

Contrabando and the Flu

From day to day and restaurant to restaurant the rules seem to change about what they can serve, how they can serve, who can be open ... etc. The only hard and fast rule I've run into started Sunday with the no serving of alcohol.

We brought a cooler with beer, coke and snacks 'cause we heard everything was closed but the beach places looked to be operating as normal. When our waiter came over he checked the cooler for contrabando ... and then just said the beer is OK if we keep it covered. Everyone else made the 1 block trek to the local store to buy their beer or ordered coco's and added tequila

So much for saving us from the flu .....

From the Guadalajara Reporter

“First there was last fall’s financial crisis. Then came the drug war. Now this,” he said wearily. “I had already started cutting work hours for the staff. Now I may have to consider some layoffs. I hate to be a pessimist, but my overhead is tremendous. I can’t afford to close down the restaurant for a week.”

At press time it appeared that members of the restaurant sector had agreed to keep their doors open come what may, with backing from the national restaurant chamber (CANIRAC). “Most of us will stay open for food service and suspend bar sales,” said Javier Raygoza, whose family runs central Chapala’s Restaurant Superiors, pointing out, “That should work to meet the main objective – preventing large conglomerations of customers.”


Calypso said...

I rather have them curtail the food and keep the bar open.

Here we haven't seen any liquor curtailment - Chedraui has a sale on my favorite inexpensive tequila (Jarana) - 1200ml bottle for $4.43 US at 13:1. 20% off on all tequila. We are stocking up.

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